My six-year-old teaches me something every single day. While I know it’s my job and privilege to provide insight, teach right from wrong, and train my children in the ways of the world, I think God gave me children to teach me to look deeper, shed my insecurities, lighten up, and laugh.

But, inevitably, life takes a toll. I easily forget these simple lessons. That’s why I’m so thankful for my daughter. Her faith, honesty, and purity are contagious and I’m thankful for it every day.

My daughter loves the soundtrack from the movie, The Greatest Showman. She knows the lyrics to nearly every song and has even choreographed dance numbers to some of them. But, this is what I hear most:

“Mom, can you play “This is Me” again?”

I put the song on repeat until I literally cannot stand it anymore. I go to bed with the thundering chorus in my head most nights.

The talented Keala Settle belts out the music with such passion, I can see why it draws my daughter in. But, as I listen to the powerful lyrics, I wonder if she really understands the meaning of this song.

So, I asked her.

“Mom, it’s about how we need to be who we are and not care what the world thinks,” she says.

Did she really just say that?

“You have to be brave and strong and not scared to be the person God made you to be,” she continues. “I am strong like that.”

Yes! My girl gets it!

When I see that strong, brave girl singing this song at the top of her lungs, it makes me so proud. But, then I get sad.

When did I forget how to be strong?

Why do I care so much about what the world thinks of me? Why can’t I see myself the way my six-year-old sees herself?

This world is full of people who make it their mission to tear me down.

But I am brave. I am strong. I am who I’m meant to be.

It’s time I embrace this revelation and take the advice from someone much smarter than her years on this earth.

Thank you, baby girl, for reminding me that I am a child of God. There’s a place for me here and I’m glorious!

Here are the lyrics to this powerful song.