Writing & Editing

I write optimized content that gets results!

I oversee editorial and website content and manage writers across the globe. I write and optimize long and short-form blog content for SEO and conversion, regularly securing first page Google rankings.

Some of my work has appeared as Google’s “featured snippets,” giving businesses’ organic click-through rates a significant boost. 

If you’re looking for fresh website content, SEO-driven blogs, relevant social posts, and increased organic traffic to your website or social pages, I can help you reach your goals. My objective is simple: to increase your organic traffic by creating fresh, original content that complements your organization’s mission. It’s my job to increase traffic to your website and make you look good.

I provide the following writing and editing services:

  • Write and optimize web pages and blogs for SEO and conversion
  • Website content development
  • Web page content
  • Social media posts
  • Blogs (daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc.)
  • Style guide creation (AP style expert)
  • Promotional content writing
  • Video script development
  • Product copy
  • Newsletters (online and print)
  • Marketing assets

I write content for your audience, increasing both website traffic and revenue. I’d love to chat about your writing and editing needs. Contact me at ancombs@gmail.com.

Blog Writing

I’ve written daily, weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly blogs for businesses and non-profit organizations. By utilizing a combination of long-form and short-form blogs, I can increase traffic to your website and cover a range of relevant SEO-driven topics. Here are just a few long and short-form blog examples.

International Higher Education Consulting Company


4-Year University 

Additional Blogs



Website Copywriting Experience

Whether you’re starting a new site or updating an existing site, I can help you organize information and create exciting, SEO-driven content for your site. Below are a few examples of my website copywriting experience.

Social Media


Online and print newsletters help you keep in touch with your customers, send important updates, or help sell your products and services. Send them weekly, monthly, or whenever you want! I can help you get the word out.

Video Scripts

A video is a great way to convey an important message or sell a product. If you have a video idea, I can turn it into a well-scripted, polished piece. Feel like improvising a little? I can create an outline that actors follow with room for individual creativity. Check out the sample videos below.

Script for this mini-documentary non-profit video
Script for campaign video

Product Copy

Product copy is an effective way to attract consumers. Many people make decisions about a product based solely on the product’s design and copy. Make sure they choose you. I can creatively describe your product so it stands out from the rest.

Angela has been simply amazing! She is a very independent and thorough writer. We provide a topic and some research content, and she produces a well-crafted document, with excellent context and perfect grammar and punctuation. We have no need for any other writer to support our marketing outreach!

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